Why Hercules?

Over 60 Years Of Quality & Service

HERCULES throughout our operation over 60 plus years has built tens of thousands of doors to exacting standards and requirements. Our doors have been installed in harsh geographic environments such as the South Pole as well as extreme processing and manufacturing environments throughout North America.

The product set is mainly focused on applications including Blast Freezer, Freezer, Cooler, Docks, Processing, Ripening Rooms, Automotive Test Cells, Research Facilities, and Distribution Facilities, but we pride ourselves on offering a solution to meet your specific needs. Our experience has enabled us to offer a custom door to suit any requirement. When everyone else says it can’t be done, at HERCULES we have a team that can make it happen! There are many reasons why our customers choose us.

Technical Experience

At HERCULES our customers are a primary focus, this means high levels of customer support and technical expertise from the design phase through to product training and after sales support.

Our technical team forms an important part of this support. The team can provide assistance with HERCULES product, building regulations, certifications and custom door designs.

HERCULES doors are custom built, and our technical team and manufacturing professionals are noted for their ability to turn design challenges into reality for truly unique applications.

Customer Service

HERCULES is proud of its record in customer care.

We have built our success on responding quickly and precisely to our customers and proactively working with them to anticipate needs. The heart of this operation is our dedicated and highly-qualified customer service team.

The customer service team is always available for all customer order questions and is focused on providing a rapid response.

Quality Assurance

HERCULES is focused on delivering the best quality products. We stand over these with our 5 year warranty. We continually leverage the Global expertise of Kingspan when it comes to Quality and Performance, ensuring HERCULES utilizes the best in modern manufacturing methodology to the exacting standards of our independent auditing agencies.


HERCULES Doors utilizes 3D modeling and analytics for developing our door designs and understanding their performance. It enables us to customize to suit any requirement and also maintain a high standard of performance that has been proven in the longevity of our products.

We use this 3D technology to firstly design the door, then analyze its performance against stress, stain etc. Finally we utilize thermal modeling to ensure it meets Kingspan's exacting insulation standards.

To arrange a visit or for more detail regarding a customized HERCULES Door, please contact us.

About Hercules

HERCULES Controlled Environment Door Solutions has been operating since 1952. Our experience, technical knowledge and manufacturing capabilities, means that after 64 years we are still the door of choice for food manufacturers and distributors in the dairy, meat, produce, beverage, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Company Timeline

1950s - Company is founded and located in Miami, Florida

1970s - After continued growth the company relocates to a new 42k Sq/ft facility near Daytona

1990s – Company is acquired by Metecno

1990s – HERCULES acquires the Butcher Boy (Texas) and Thermal Tech (Kansas) businesses which are consolidated into the Daytona facility

2000s – Door manufacturing facility in Daytona relocated and consolidated alongside panel manufacturing lines at the 192k sq/ft DeLand facility

2000s – Kingspan Group acquires the Alumashield/ASI and HERCULES businesses

2018 – Senneca Holdings Announces Strategic Acquisition of Hercules from Kingspan